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I went around Byley yesterday ... 30 shot club course. Did ok. The guys at Byley were really friendly.

Just a note to the newbies. I set up the scope ranges for 35 to 55 last week at Far Coley at measured distances. I checked them again at Kingsley against tape measured distances and they were ok for 35 and 40 but 45, 50 and 55 were quite a bit out ( probably 2 1/2 yards out ).

It was colder this weekend than last weekend. Is it the cold that had done that?

Anyway ... back to Byley yesterday. Quite an easy course I would have thought as there were some youngsters and lads shooting kneeling and standing with break barrel springers. I've no real experience yet of FT but there were several over 50 yard shots with 40mm kills that would be a test for seasoned FT'ers I suppose, but no kill smaller than 25mm and plenty of targets 40mm from 20 to 40 yards. So a mixed club course to give everyone something to shoot at.

I'm actually happy enough still using the mildots to aim over/under but I think I'm either going to have to start using clicks and aim bang on and/or stick to the same mag for ranging and shooting.

I've been ranging on 40 and then shooting on 20. There's a 2 min rule in HFT, and that's for 1 target per lane, and I must come close to that. Putting specs on, look at pellet, load pellet, specs off, guess range, guess wind, get on target, shoot target. So I reckon at the moment I need 10 minutes to shoot 2 targets on 1 lane in FT. Turn mag to 40x, try and find target at 40x, find target, range wheel, put specs on to read wheel, whilst specs on look at pellet, load pellet, specs off, turn mag down to 20, guess wind, try and find target again, shoot target ... start again on second target on that lane.

A number of times yesterday I got quite lucky because of the distances of the targets. On a number of targets I ranged but forgot to turn the mag down to 20x to take the shot. As I say, because of the range, and size of kill, it didn't matter and they went down. On the last target I'd ranged it at @ 52 yards. That would mean bracketing between 2 and 3 dots holdover. Wind coming in over the field from right to left so gave it just outside the edge of the 40mm kill. Missed. It was the last target and only a club shoot and I'd marked it as a miss, no one waiting, so I thought I'd have another shot. Missed. The kill looked enormous. Doh ... there's the clue. It looked twice as big as it should have done. I was still on 40 mag but at that range the 2.5 dots for 20x wasn't enough on 40 mag. Put the mag on 20x ... aimed 2.5 dots edge right and it went down. So there's a potential there for me to forget the mag and miss by not dialling.

To be honest I seem to able to hold just as steady ( that doesn't mean steady ) on 40x as I can 20x. So I think I may be best working out the clicks and then ranging and shooting on something like 30x or35x. That will save time and eliminate the above error.

Re clubs ...

I'm sort of in No Man's Land here. I'm 25 minutes from Kingsley. Kingsley is HFT and has a decent 45 yard zero range. The beauty of Kingsley is once you join you can go and use the facilities 24/7/365. So it's ideal for me, as I don't shoot in the Summer but can shoot most days in the Winter. So I can pop along whenever I wish. To the South, and in the MFTA, is Far Coley, which is a really nice place. FC also allow members to go whenever they wish ... but it's 28 miles from me and takes about 50 mins to get there, so if I wanted to go 3 times in a week in decent Winter weather, it is a lot of driving. The MFTA clubs are all further South. Byley is the closest club. It's about 14 miles and about 20 mins max. They are in the NW region and I know most of the NW venues through HFT and they are all within 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. The only problem is Byley is only open/available on club days.

So a bit of a decision as to what to do re clubs.

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