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Originally Posted by Chris Coombes View Post
Will be joining you young Steve when i get my own FT rig set up,just need to get somewhere to do it
I have the same problem, I have Bisley or ETL closest to me (both still an hour away), one is CSFTA the other SEFTA... I like ETL, but it has that dreadded tunnel & M25 in the way, so I think Bisley might be the unlucky club
Once you get set up & get into your own little sequence on the course you will love it, but it is a bit daunting at 1st I found.
I'm still like this : find the targets, sit (kneel or stand), load, find the target again , range on 45mag, look at click chart, drop back to 35mag, (find the target again ) shoot the 1st target & then go back to step 1 again .. all in 2 minutes. Today did feel easier so the more practice at it I hope it just becomes second nature & I don't need to think to much..

OH & I got rinsed by Dopper today using a viper & holdover aim points
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