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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
......The clicks shown on Chairgun are 1/4in.
But I see your scope is an (Metric) version, so now its a different ball game.
Im now going to have a lie down.
It is possible to change the clicks per MOA, Paul
My scope is devised in Rads x 3.142 ...etc
Thanks for the clarification: I now understand why you said to double the results.

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Quit fannying about and get the clicks sorted outdoors using a cardboard box and 50m measuring tape.
Use a cardboard box and aim to hit a 15mm circle for your close ranges up to your zero. Aim to hit a 25mm circle for your 35-55yrd settings. Group 5-10 shots to check.
Make sure your gun is topped up with air and check it frequently as you can get through a charge pretty quick when setting up a FT scopes ranges on the turret. In saying that, chair gun settings are exactly the same as mine bar my 55 which is a single 1/8Moa click out.
I like fannying about. I'm a fanny-about sort of person. I thought everyone knew that. that's why I can't hit the targets.
Ask Mr Daniels, Awesime, or Gilly. they'll tell you.
But I will, in deference to your superior skills and knowledge, acquire a cardboard box and revisit the range. I'm not going to promise that I won't fanny about with Chairgun though. Then, whilst you are outside in a muddy field, paying homage to the god Box, I can sit in my nice warm study, with a glass of Bushmills by my side, computing exactly the same fannying-about figures as you do ~ but warm, contented and mildly inebriated.

Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
........ I repeat the only way to be certain is on paper on a calm day!
Ah, now therein Paul, lies the root of the problem.
Have you ever been to Sywell on a calm day ??
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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