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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I've read most of them Neil, and have them faithfully committed to memory

"Get the wind right ...."

Now that is a topic about which I have neither experience, nor understanding. By the time I'm 82, I anticipate that I may have got to grips with it.
Wind, and I don't mean the nether regions type, can be looked at as having two contributing aspects. The first is the science, and that can be appreciated, understood and learnt, probably in that order. The second is the art, and that comes from judgement and experience. And a helping of courage to place your crosshairs nowhere near the kill zone can be useful.

But unless you are 81 already and I suspect you aren't, you could get a good handle on this before you are 82 I'm sure. Just find somewhere that is often windy to practise.
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