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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Speaking to Rob about central southern . Rob was saying that the avowed intention of the area was to win the regionals . excellent idea , but not easy . now the area has moved up to 40 targets and and to a shotgun start i believe ( though not yet ) one of the things that might help is to put shooters together instead of letting em choose there partners . if you put the top scorers from previous rounds together . this increases the pressure on them to do well against the other top shots . getting them used to the pressure of top flight competion and hope fully enchancing there skills long term . so the top two from last round on lane one . next two on lane two and so on down the line . this sets up a pecking order as well . IE lane 15 are you mate , Your Finished Mate and so on . just an idea ??? HOLLY

PS obviously the comp area sec makes the decisions as who goes where .
Good to have you and some of the other SEFTA guys and girls in the CSFTA region now Holly - Welcome!

All ideas are good ideas I say!

We have had x40 shot courses for a while now, but yes the shotgun start and stop watches are new for this year.

I personally have no issues with your suggestion about shooting partners, why not it all adds to the competitive edge doesn’t it. The only down side is that if you do take say for example the top two shooters from the last comp they actually shoot in the same winter league Team.

Would this be questioned by the other Teams??


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