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Speaking to Rob about central southern . Rob was saying that the avowed intention of the area was to win the regionals . excellent idea , but not easy . now the area has moved up to 40 targets and and to a shotgun start i believe ( though not yet ) one of the things that might help is to put shooters together instead of letting em choose there partners . if you put the top scorers from previous rounds together . this increases the pressure on them to do well against the other top shots . getting them used to the pressure of top flight competion and hope fully enchancing there skills long term . so the top two from last round on lane one . next two on lane two and so on down the line . this sets up a pecking order as well . IE lane 15 are you mate , Your Finished Mate and so on . just an idea ??? HOLLY

PS obviously the comp area sec makes the decisions as who goes where .
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