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One of the best things you can do to steady your position is breathing . it is called breathing down . get into your favoured position sitting . then make sure your natural alignment with the target is correct ( in otherwords point your rifle at the target . then close your eyes , relax . open them and see if the rifle is still pointing at the target . if so you have natural aligment ) now when you breath , your rifle will move , in a right handed shooter it will ( or should ) move up and down left to right .so your natural alignment should be at the bottom left of the kill . with me so far . then take a big breath , which should take you down left further . breath out and the rifle comes up and right . across the kill to the point where you wish it to be . ( we are talking no wind here ) then repeat . this wll put oxygen in your system . repeat this slightly slower each time ( all this only takes a short time with practice ) as you slow your breathing down and your movement . you take up the first stage of the trigger and then as you come up and across the target for the last time . happy with the aim / level bubble / wind . you squeeze off the shot and another target falls to you . Luck HOLLY

If this does not work . blame Rob
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