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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
So is incorrect eye inlinement and parallax error the same thing ?

My son shoots his SR6 with parallax set at 40ish yards as he can't focus on long shots if set any lower and on 10-12 mag he was getting loads of error yet we dropped it down to x8 and now the error has gone and everything is clear from 12-15 yards all the way out.

My EB however is set at 25 metres I believe on the EB and is clear for me from very close to 55 yards and I suffer very little in the way of parallax/eye inlinement error and adjustting the parallax doesn't seem to alter the poi, though I do try to make sure that my eye is directly behind the lens before every shot.

This may explain why some shooters miss high,low,left or right when taking kneelers and standers as their head is in a different position to when they are shooting prone, unless like me they are just crap

So is parallax error and eye inlinement the same thing ?

Think so mate, I know if I my head/eye is right and the range is right its down with the 6500. If my eye is wrong on scope I can miss
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