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Default The Good , The Bad and the Ugly

Right now i am not saying you should do this BUT you should know it . there are people around who will use some off wight tricks on you . as Rich say's you should not fight the person you are shooting with , score wise ( but i always do and so does every body else ) you should be inside the bubble of confidence when shooting . oblivious to what is going on around you except the whistle / hooter to stop shooting . now to upset that bubble is not that hard if you know how . a list , constant farting , jokes , tapping , loud laughter , talking in a low voice behind the shooter , whistling , singing off key , will after 20 or 25 lanes get on your old pisser . starting the clock right next to the shooters ear , as the eye is going to it and saying in a loud voice " ON THE CLOCK" can be wearing . telling fibs about the ranges and the wind is pretty widespread . be aware of these and you can combat it . just don't try em on big neil or he will knock you out ??? HOLLY
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