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Thanks again guys

Holly ... yes that guy's name was Stuart. I'll keep working on the position.

Rich ... that sitting pic is roughly how I'm trying to shoot. That pic also reminds me why I think my stock is wrong at the butt. That guys buttplate is on his bicep and not in his shoulder area. I have the buttpad high on mine so it fits in the shoulder but I can see some stock butchering coming up to help get it right.

Brian ... cheers matey. All info helps. I remember you saying you had broken your back and that had stopped your HFT. I'll look at those jackets. I have a very stiff cotton jacket that I got from the local Quartermasters. I think it is some sort of shooting jacket and it does give me some support.

Laity ... the last time I saw you fella you were walking through a wood with a giant dummy around your neck mumbling something like " I've had enough of this ... I'm off ". Hope you are well.
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