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Hmmm yes the short leg . got em myself . 5 ft 9 inches me . got a long body and short legs . exact oppositer of what you want . with a springer , the position your old club mates described was correct . IE across the arm . with a springer it allows the rifle to be cradled . IE no pressuer in one direction on the stock . only part moving will be the trigger finger . good , but not for every one . the problem with bad backs and springers is WEIGHT . they are not light . not a fan of EVs , but they are light and even when you fit a big scope , you can manage one . as i say i have problems using the sitting position , so my take on it was to get a bull pup ( several ) . this allows a very deep forend to hold on my knee . can't do pics otherwise i would put one up . with the bag and the kneelers , you can fold the bag over and kneel across it . this allows you to push back against it . careful here , cos a certain gent used to use this position with a large wax coat on , which covered his bum to the floor . basically he was sitting on it kneeling . naughty . on that front , another gent used to use a walking frame in the back of his shooting jacket , that rested on the floor in a sitting position . naughty . one leg up one leg down is not the best ( tripod is the one , bum on the deck . both feet planted ) as long as you angle the lower leg out as far as you can , it is not a bad position . allows you to breath better as well . whizzer is stuart walters . he is a collector posing as a shooter ( sorry about that stuart ) one of these days i am gonna bump him off and nick his rifles . got some beautiful gear . i bought his bull pupped SR . god that rifle can shoot . as you say practice is the thing . get a spring pistol to use between sessions to relax you and the back . i always take one with me. ??? HOLLY
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