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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by Norris View Post
Hmm, Norris is my proper name, and the one I get called more often, but I have two other christian names, or if you're from Yorkshire, two first names, which get used on official types of communications. I get called Thomas by my mother, my email programme and various others, but mostly it is Norris.
The picture is me, or was me a year ago, but I got fed up spending a fortune on shampoo and hours drying my hair so I shaved it all off. I'll get round to changing it sometime. Thanks for the welcome.
Well it's very nice to make your acquaintance Norris, I know what you mean about shampoo & drying, I couldn't be bothered with it either so cut my hair very short, in certain parts it almost looks like i'm going bold I cut it that short .

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