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Originally Posted by zahed2010 View Post
Expensive, but any good?
I don't have one personally, all of my stuff is pretty old now, but I've seen a few being used and they look OK. The cordura is pretty heavy duty and I guess the price reflects the fact they aren't mass produced and you can get some funky colours. Everyone tends to either have a black one or camo so it's a bit different I guess and I'm sure they would post you a sample of the material if you asked, they might even be able to do a custom one to match your rifle. The ones that BAR do are about 20 +P&P so it's only a few quid more, it's not the cheapest but I wouldn't call it expensive for the standard 26 bag? Avoid the really cheap bags made from thin nylon with cheap zips, they puncture really easily if you sit on a root or a piece of flint and the zips can go. One of the guys at the club had one that had a hole in so he always left a trail of poly beads behind him, we reckoned it was so he could always find his way back to the burger van if he got lost.

I have an old Logun branded bag from about 2003 and it's had some pretty hard use. It was put away for a few years but is still good as new. All of the seams are tight, no weak spots, leaks or abrasions but it's had quite a few cubic metres of new poly beads added over the years!

I'm not a fan of knee pads so never tried one for more than a few seconds as I really don't like the feel of the straps. Again, I've seen these ones and they look fine. On the lads rifle he found it uncomfortable on the knee without some kind of padding so I stuck some self adhesive neoprene sheet on the hamster and it's worked a treat, and was only a couple of quid. You can't forget to take it to a shoot either. It gives a bit of cushioning and it's much grippier on his trousers.
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