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Originally Posted by skires View Post

Many thanks again

( Sorry Crouchers ... I knew he was only joking )

I'll check out the Kilty bags. Would you believe I've just spent half an hour practising getting down and up from sitting in the living room. I too have a dodgy back ( discs in the lumbar area that cause sciatica ... lovely ). Neil sort of gave me a hint on Sunday so I've been practising holding gun at balance point with left hand and rocking back and then a quick jump up. Sad eh!

I've just taken off the snowplough and refitted the Wegu curved pad. That extends the LOP and is now probably a tad too long for me but the curve sits well in the shoulder and helps with vertical movement.

The rear of the stock on this seems too low and is also at quite an angle ( bottom of butt about an inch closer to trigger than the top ). So with the pad set highish ( that just feels right ) it's at the max LOP. I can see the saw coming out to make the rear perpendicular with the bore and lessen the LOP with the pad highish.

1, 2 OK ... thanks.

3 Maybe a problem ... nobody loves me. Hmmm ... interesting point about the sugars and nerves. I get worried that my sugars will dip during the 3 hours or so shooting so I carry a bottle of Luco and a Snickers which I munch on. So the sugars are doing me no favours?

4 I only shoot November to March. Must be lovely shooting in the warm.

5 I have a Combro and a Chrony. The 77 is using 8.4gr AA Field 4.52. At the start of last Winter with the temp at about 10 degrees it was doing 770 - 780 fps. When the temps got cold and closer to zero it shot up by about 30fps ( I know ) so I had to take out a washer and dropped it to about 790 fps max freezing and 760 fps @ 10 degrees.

Going through the 3 positions with the Wegu back on, it's ok sitting and kneeling but when standing it defo makes the LOP too long. Can you have a variable LOP adjuster fitted with a quick lock/unlock and change the LOP for standers? Anyone do this?

Thanks again
LOP . if you shorten the butt , you can always use spacers to lengthen . with the wegu you can get angled spacers . now most shooters angle the butt pad over to the left .IE towards them . WRONG , angle it away from you IE to the right . why , cos if you do it to the left it pushes the butt away from you and you have to lean you neck further over to see through the sight . if you angle it the other way , it brings the stock under your chin and gives you a more head up position .

sitting with a dodgy back . not easy cos you can end up covering the other shooters with your barrel ( not good ) i if suffering . hold the rifle in my left hand across the body , barrel facing up or down range , twist slightly put my right ( gloved hand ) downward and lower myself till my hand touches the floor and then use the stength of the right arm to lower myself onto the bean bag . getting up in reverse . hold the rifle in the left hand over to the right side on the ground . bring the right leg in and use the right arm to jack your self up . now if you are on a reverse slope . IE uphill . give the rifle to some body else ( other shooter ) then sit down facing down the hill and swivel around and collect you rifle . when done shooting do in reverse . there is a very good chance of hurting your self if you sit normally on a slope . also if shooting hard down hill IE steeply . reverse the bag so the fat end is down the hil . this will hold you in position much better . if shooting a stander down hill . try standing on the bag with your left leg to make you more level .

1/ sitters . how do you hold the rifle ? across the arm or across the knee ?

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