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1/ always set your side turret ( horizontal ) to zero . that way if it gets moved for any reason you can tell . ( right simon )

2/ if poss shoot on the saturday before a big comp , to check zero and ranging . prefferably at the time you would start the comp . ( morning or afternoon )

3/ training should be done with a shooting partner . have a cup of sweet tea and a kit cat before shooting . this will simulate nerves of a big shoot .

4/ get a good small camera ( pocket ) so you can take some pics on the course as you go . so when the winter comes you can think back to the summer and rerun those memory's whilst loking at the pics on the old puter .

5/ get your own chrono ( combro is good and not to dear secondhand , 35 ish ) set the rifle up at 770 to start with , if you use 8 .4s . you generally get better accuracy slower . faster gives you wind resistence but like me sunday . can fight the wind when it should not . trick i learnt off cliffy sunday if you do not like looking down the barrel to align the combro , is to slide a pen down the combro into the shroud / barrel to align the combro . then tighten .

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