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Many thanks Holly and Steve.

1, 2, 3 ... spent 11 years shooting HFT winter only so used to splashing around in the mud. Sitting on the bag was luxury. So I do have boots and waterproofs etc. Thanks for the tip on the socks ... I'll go look. I don't do camo, even for HFT. Never saw the need ... I've put plenty courses out and thems not real rabbits and they are pinned to the floor so they aint running off even if they see me.

4 Got me own lucky peaked hat. It's ages old and has gone all brown and yucky inside with sweat ... but like I say ... it's me lucky hat.

5 Used a Gehmann full fingered glove in HFT so using that.

6 DVD box ... shame on me ... always scagged my shooting partner's. I'll get one.

7 I'll have to look up Kilty's? I think I know what you mean ... are they those huge shiny type ones? The ones that people use to scrunch up to one side and then ... coffs ... rest their bums on when shooting kneelers? I have one of the old black type with about 3 beans in it. Must get more beans.

8 I was probably a bit different in HFT as I had my scope on high mounts so that on a 35 yard zero it flattened the traj for the long ones. 35 to 45 was then quite easy but it did give me a second zero of 18 yards and the close ones needed loads of hold over. I did get tricked on Sunday as there was a target with quite a small kill at @ 11 yards. For the longer stuff I'd been guessing 2x the dots that I used in HFT ( well I actually used 30/30 but I knew roughly what the dot equivalent would be ). At 11 yards in HFT I'd be @ 1 dot poi low. So I gave this 11 yarder 2 dots but missed well low. I shot it again later and it actually needed 4 dots. I then realised that I'd put raisers on the mounts so that extra height had made the drop off very steep for the close ones. I won't be able to shoot 8 or 9 yarders using dots on 20x as I won't have enough dots ... so I'll have to shoot them on 10x. Lots to learn and get used to.

9 I don't know Croucher but I'll avoid him like the plague. Thanks for the heads up.

10 Wise words ... again thanks.

11 Aye ... again good advice, thanks ... I've driven home far too many times beating myself up. I try to keep the attitude that I try to get the technique right for each shot, and then once I've pulled that trigger it's nowt to do with me so whatever happens, happens. In HFT I sort of got used to what was an easy course and what was a hard course and different conditions re wind. So I sort of knew what would be a good score for me on that course with the springer. If I got somewhere near that score it had been a decent day. Ultimately, I liked to chase down the pcp men and liked to get within about 6 or 7 of their top guy. Sometimes I got closer and sometimes I'd be 15 off. Ah well.

Thankyou for taking the time to post that. Much appreciated.


I see what you are saying fella. Makes a lot of sense. I'll put a 15mm out at 25 ( maybe start with a 20mm ). If I'm hitting that the technique is ok and I don't have to worry too much about wind at 55 yards. Thanks for that.

One of the things I think I will do on a stillish day ... is to shoot some groups with the 77 at 50 and 55 yards rested prone off the padded bag. Just so I get an idea of the gun's potential at the full ranges. In HFT I check the gun at 35 and 45 yards prone to see that it's grouping ok. My normal prone position is steady enough to check this to give good groups at those ranges. In FT style my sitting hold and technique is no where near good enough yet so I won't know if the poi has moved or if it's just me, so I'll have to check rested. I know that the poi may be different sitting so I'll do all my setting up sitting. It will also give me some idea of what to try and aim for with groups sitting ( I know I won't get rested groups but I'll work out some sort of happy medium ... say rested plus 15mm or 20mm or so to start with ).

I need to shoot a number of courses to see where I am, but like Steve I'd be delighted with anywhere near 50%. Probably more like 25 to 30%. I have no idea until I've shot some courses. I'll be happy to get what I get to be honest. I managed 17/30 on Sunday which I was pleased with but I probably got lucky and it was a club day so probably designed to not be too testing ... but it was very windy, my beanbag is empty, my scope wasn't set up properly, I'm new to all this, the buttpad had come loose. See, I've also been practising my excuses ( Holly ... should that have been note #12 ? ).

I have no idea how the grades work I'm afraid. I'll have to read up on that. I presume I'll go into newcomers or ungraded ... or will I just go into 'R' for recoiling anyway? Doesn't matter. Not worried about any of that for now.

Thanks again for the help and advice.

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