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Think about this . first you are only as good as your kit .
1/ boots , fabric and goretex with low backs . if no dosh . go to e-bay and get a ex-army pair of goretex socks . about a fiver . wear any shoes boots you like .

2/ get a good pair of waterproof trousers to wear at the shoot ( lined ) that way you do not have to carry it to put on ( winter ) . not cammo , cos some clubs ban it .

3/ waterproof jacket with fleece underneath ( winter ) if loads of dosh a creedmore shooting jacket .

4/ peaked hat , base ball type to stop sun getting into optics .

5/shooting glove , or if not , pair of leather gloves with fingers cut off to work scope and load .

6/ dvd box ( empty ) to put score card in to stop getting soaked .

7/ get one of kiltys big bean bags . much , much better .

8/ on the gun front , FT is not HFT . the scope on a HFT rifle is better off being low . right next to the barrel . but in FT it is the opposite . if you have the scope high it flattens out the trajectory further out ( good ) . the only snag is that it makes it steeper close in IE 8 yards to 20 yards . meaning you must have every yard on your range card . this usually won't work with mil dots ? so dialing is more precise . the other good bit about it that you have a head up stance , allowing your windpipe to stay open . no kinks in the neck , better for standers .

9/ don't buy anything off croucher

10/ try before buy , not buy before try .

11/ enjoy the day . only one person can win . we can all win a good day .
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