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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
What about the people who are yet to shoot it, what do they do draw straws for a misss a plate or a 2?

Thats why everyone gets the 2 isn't it?

The National way is better unfortunately not all clubs have spare targets the same as all those on the course, so pulling will always be the option for some. For it to be fair accross the board all targets would have to be replaced for like as some silhouettes are positioned because they are a rat or a squirrel or a magpie.

If you replaced a magpie with a rook for instances in a right to left wind those shooting the rook will have an advantage over those shooting before.

Straws oh come on ...... it's nothing a quick game of naked table tennis followed by a lefty arm wrestle wouldn't settle .

TBH I have never actually given this subject any thought but its interesting to see the views of those who actually shoot courses week in week out .

Steve - thanks for reminding me on that one , I don't think it altered my dreadful score that day anyway


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