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Glad it's going well for you Steve.

I took the 77/Custom Shop to Far Coley yesterday. Plenty of wind l to r so not ideal for zeroing in. I marked up the wheel for 35 zero and then marked 40, 45, 50, 55. Didn't bother with the other ranges yesterday as I guestimate anyway in HFT. Then shot the 30 shot course by just aiming over and under with the dots. Basically just ranged at 40x ( for the 35 to 55 ) and shot at 20x and just doubled the dots that I'd use for HFT up to 45 ( 9x for HFT ). Over 45 I guessed 2 dots 50 and 3 dots 55.

So not exactly super technical but it got me out and I think I did ok over the 30 targets for first time out with the springer.

Neil kindly gave me some help with the scope and said that I looked to be leaning my head too far forward to the scope. So plenty to learn and I probably need to look at some sort of buttpad instead of the snowplough.

I'll try and spend some time this week setting the scope up properly and either learning proper aiming points with the dots or setting the clicks up.

Holding on aim sitting is still a problem. Kneeling I was happy with but standing with the extra weight of the big scope is a big issue. My left arm is aching today.

Probably pop up to Byley next Sunday and have another go. I can see the HFT just not happening this Winter as I try and improve the FT.
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