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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Haha, some top advice there Holly, many thanks !
Seriously though, before trying FT I thought it was going to be a piece of **** as I do HFT, how wrong was I
Still loving it though & looking forward to ETL next week, must find myself a club next...
Give em all a go mate . but my fave down there is KW . good friendly club , all sorts there ft and plinkers . the thing is about FT is it is addictive . you get done in ( but the top boys don't ) and you think , grrrrrr i can beat those motley mob ( you can't ) so you try and you try . eventually you get better and start to realise just how hard it is to stay anywhere near the top .mostly you shoot for respect and the odd prize . ( very odd ) bisley is a big club in the other direction . ( just don't shoot against cliffy for chips ) my advice is to move over to the IOW and join carisbrooke rangers ??? HOLLY
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