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Default What

What to do .
1/ walk up to the lane and put your rifle on the bean bag .
2/ look up at the clouds to see which way the wind is going in relation to the target .
3/ watch the weenies , bushes , branches for movement .
4/ look at your windicator on the rifle , whilst standing .
5/ pick up the strings , pull em tight and release em in order of shooting .
6/ watch the strings as they release and fly upwards slightly for wind drift .
7/ sit down on the bag at 45 degrees to the target .
8/ check for obstacles / branches / leaves in the way .
9/ estimate the range to target and set scope ( good practice for the showdown )
10/knock the b------y thing over .
11/ stand up and gloat at getting it .

Get into a pattern mate . once you go into your pre shot program you are in the zone . do not hear anything cept the whistle /hooter for a stoppage .

when the other bloke sits down , try to put him off with smutty jokes and down right lies about the wind .
cliffy told me to say that .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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