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When the original Isle of Wight FT Club (Vectis) was running in the 90's there was a AGM meeting in April (at a Newbury pub) after the Winter League but before the start of the Summer GP Season. This was the only practical meeting that we could attend realistically as they tended to finish at about 10 - 1030 PM which meant we actually got home early in the morning of the following day ( Ferry 11pm then 1am ). The last meeting we attended was in 1999, when our club closed due to lack of ground.

When the new club, Carisbrooke, restarted again and myself and one or two others became 'members' of Soton Buccs to get Winter shoots. At no time did we enquire about meetings as we were glad just to be shooting again.

I, for one, am thankful and grateful for Andy, Mick and others for all the work they have put in over the last years as short notice 'volunteers' and to keep things running. As having been in all the positions with a club committee I know how much work is involved and have no doubt that regional representatives have even more to do.

As Alan has said we were told that last years shoot was poor, myself and the club agreed ourselves it was and considering we had held a Showdown and 7 Winter rounds we had become a bit lax. The club and myself learnt from this and as such do not use the 15mm Sparrow targets, target positions that 'could' become soft if the water table raises and a more regular target servicing/checking.

Finally, I personally think it would have been more courteous to enquire with all those on the email list for the Winter league (sent on 8th Aug) about the AGM and Accounts before asking in an open forum.
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