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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Hiya, I can't get the link to open so I can get a larger pic to look at, BUT, it's the shooters who give the "Mk" add on to the guns.
So essentially, the " Mk 1" had the fixed slim silencer as fitted to the HW 97K, and the cylinder was the non-quick fill type.
Then the "Mk 2" had the larger screw fit silencer and Quick-fill" cylinder.
"Mk3" versions had slight stock shape differences, but these are so slight you really have to know your HW100 "Mk2-Mk3" versions, or compare both rifles side by side, there is a very slight weight reduction in the "Mk3" over the "Mk2" due to the stock.
Thanks for the reply
I ended up finding a s410tdr on the sales question the day I came on here to post this! Great deal and it'll match the hw100 for accuracy any-day
Thanks you for your reply learned some thing from your post
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