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Originally Posted by D Hat View Post
Not sure what we were accused of yesterday and don't really care, we contacted with the csfta with some suggestions for this years winter league. We told that an email would be circulated with our ideas, it never was. As we would rather start early your comment about us not getting out of bed is laughable, from our point of view the ability for teams to drop a round was a fair solution, an email is sent out saying the consencous is that all rounds to count, as we never saw an email asking for all the clubs opinion how is that a consensus . As for us declining to hold a round this year that was our clubs decision, as last year we held 2 rounds , loosing money to make sure it was a new venue , we've put rounds on in the past few years when we had no shooters entering, we're not prepared this year just to hand over money with no receipts or any records made available what it was used for
As far as I know, the only thing anyone got accused of yesterday was having a toys out the pram moment, and a bit of a sulk because they didn't get their own way, and to be honest, I don't see that opinion changing any time soon the way this thread is going.

Nobody complained more than me at the I.O.W. shoot two years ago, when, not for the first time I vowed never to go near the place again, but the fact is those guys have been supporting this Winter League at every shoot for at least the ten or so years that I have been playing and it does, and should, count for something. Carisbrooke were told this year that it had to be better and it was.

As for the way the CSFTA is run? Well anyone with a pair of eyes can see that it hasn't been ideal for a while but without Mick and Andy taking it on when the other guys dropped it we would have folded years ago, two guys doing something is way better than nobody doing **** all! I will be interested to see what volunteers we get to take the vacant posts and run the region differently, will it be the people that are complaining or will they leave it to someone else?

The "nose off to spite the face" attitude is pointless, Wendover, like most FT clubs, have some really nice guys, excellent shots, excellent grounds, and I will certainly miss there not being a round at one or both of your grounds, BUT.... the only people that are going to be effected by your stomping off is Wendover, the rest of us will continue to shoot and enjoy the Winter Leagues in the very same way that we did for years while Wendover weren't shooting FT. I hope Wendover have a change of heart and join in with the Leagues, but it won't stop me having a good time if they don't.

Hope to see you all soon,

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