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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Do they have an agm constitution etc then? I'm just trying to work out if indeed we have two separate organisations using the same name. Im aware the results are on the csfta site but beyond that I don't know how it works. I understand what you are saying about emails and receipts but I'm genuinely struggling to grasp how the hft sure is all that different. Ie there's not been an agm, constitution, or accounts published. Unless we have two csftas. If we don't it would appear that the hft side's officers are just as unannounced as the ft's side.

Im sure someone can write a receipt for warc's contributions if that's the difference and perhaps decisions are made differently? But beyond that I can't see it being run any different to the hft side in terms of organisation. Have I got that wrong?
Haven't shot hft in a couple of years but when I did we were informed of any proposed changes and consulted, we would just want everything out in the open and decisions made by a committee made up from all the clubs , at the moment we are just told this is what's happening, even if these things are discussed at the GP's that's not giving the clubs who don't do them a say
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