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I am finding this thread quite extraordinary and at the same time disappointing.

So please supply some clarification: Do you have copies of the agenda and minutes (and constitution, etc) from the last time you attended an AGM? When was that? I don't even know if there really is any strict requirement to hold AGMs (not as if CSFTA is a registered charity? Good if it was as we could Gift Aid the subs :-) )

Clearly there is some work to be done to enliven the formal side of CSFTA and I am sure Rob is not the only regional participant who intends to give up time and resources to that end. I too am happy to offer my time but that will be subject to who else is involved.

Informally I find CSFTA a source of great pleasure and the FT competitions so far have been very well organised, challenging and a chance to try new setups and compete against the elements. Regardless of the "several reasons" WARC has made it clear that they will neither participate nor host a meet and so play no part in FT in CSFTA for this season.

On the other hand WARC is participating and hosting a HFT round under the same CSFTA banner (8 Dec 2013) which strikes me as an inconsistency. (I no longer do HFT for medical reasons)

Essentially, FT and HFT have been functioning quite happily despite an apparent lack of interest in holding meetings and taking minutes. CSFTA folk contribute enormously to the wider activities of BFTA and EFTA, working alongside others from all regions who volunteer their time and energies to making things happen for all who enjoy the variety of air gun sports in the UK.

The easiest way to dissuade folk from participating on committees or organising events is to rant and abuse other folk for
taking on such roles when nobody else came forward rather than making constructive suggestions.

Voluntary groups are much the same everywhere, it all boils down to a very few people who make sacrifices of their time and energy for the benefit of others, basically out of a sense of service and commitment to something they enjoy (or even used to enjoy in the past). And there lies the problem - you can't pay them less or more or give them a lousy office with no views if they don't meet your expectations. You thank them for what they have done and if it is not enough then you have to step up (or preferably shut up) :-)
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