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Yes I do have an opinion of my own, but I don't go around moaning about having to get up early on a Sunday morning to travel down to Southampton to catch a ferry to the IOW , have a bad shoot because of some bad targets, which they apologized for. You feel hard done by because it cost you an extra 30 odd pound ferry costs for a day you didn't enjoy?
They , the IOW boys and girls have to pay that each and every time they partisipate on a early, cold, damp, Sunday morning jaunt to a competition , they don't complain like you or try to get the times changed like you, and when you don't get what YOU want, you try to stir things up in public forum rather than speak to someone in person , telephone, email, SO yes I have my own opinion,

PS. I would rather spend 30 on a ferry trip and show them some support
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