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Originally Posted by baldini View Post
Monty ! If you can't come up with anything better than a childish comment like ' pity you couldn't come' it would be better you say nothing at all, it's just not helpful ! Our region needs seriously sorting out I'm sure we all agree, the finanicial accounts need to be clarified so that we can move forward without liability landing in someone's lap.

The point is that the CSFTA works and we are currently enjoying a challenging winter league, The fact that one club, that is not prepared to participate in the winter league (I've heard because you didn't want to go to the IOW?? I've been there and it's not that bad) is using the forum to air their own petty quibbles on the back of a 'it's not legal' / we're not being listened to [etc] thread rather than going through the correct channels and that is childish. Per my earlier post it's the behaviour of a truculent child.

The concerns you raise are serious but what on earth do you think you'll achieve by posting them here? Do you think that all CSFTA clubs will suddenly join SWEFTA or that we'll raise an army and storm the CSFTA HQ to liberate all that evil power they hold over us lesser clubs that don't have the clarity of thought possessed by Wendover? Your clubs decision not to participate in this years Winter League just makes it sound like you're disillusioned with something and out to make mischief. That's probably a really unfair view, but perceptions count for more than the truth ever does.

It is a pity that you've chosen not to participate in the Winter League, seriously- no sarcasm intended, you're part of the CSFTA whether you like it or not and it would be nice to shoot alongside some of you. Next round is at my home club and you would be most welcome (subject to the usual ).

Anyway, now's your chance. The committee is up for grabs, if you have the nads, stand for office and if you're successful you'll be able to run the region better. When I ran a club I got sick to death of armchair shooters complaining about stuff, ask them to do anything towards the solution and they were all too busy to lift a finger. But they all had plenty of time to complain though, oh yes, plenty of time to do that.
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