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Originally Posted by D Hat View Post
We are hoping that all the relevent information regarding the past few years will be made available to the clubs before any AGM?
If it exists it should be. Or at the agm i suppose. But the region was handed over with no constitution, accounts or records as far as I know. 2 years later i am told mick and andy held a meeting to get the league going again because the previous officers were no longer contactable. This is why the csfta site is unofficial because no one could get hold of the official one's owner.

I know Andy has been trying to contact the previous treasurer for some time without success. If the region hasn't got records then I can only presume there will be a strong desire to ensure the future committee adheres to producing them.

As far as I know the monies from the comps are put towards the committee insurance, the inters entry, team hats and trophies for the ft comps. As I understand it the hft league covers its own costs and expenses. I don't know what records 'they' have.

I've always assumed that all were happy with the current situation because until now I've not heard of any disquiet except to fix league dates ahead of the winter.

Perhaps though come the meeting we will have the people in place to ensure what should be done is done and some more to help out with what the region would like to do.

I'm standing for chair so my neck may be on the block for the future.
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