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We have had to go 'all official' a year or so ago...does take some organising and you need people that are pretty good at paperwork, who are willing to give up loads of free time for no thanks whatsoever....

I used to just get cash in, pay insurance, farmer, sundries for club etc then at the end of the year give any spare dosh to a charity...I ran the Club as a dictatorship (in a nice way) and it did work...of a fashion..

Now i have some great Guys on the committee that know everything inside out and we have regular meetings where they all disagree with me, works perfectly!

Worth stepping up and offering to help i reckon, as it needs that PUSH to get set up properly where everybody has a smallish job / responsibility and move forward.

Not saying anyone isn't trying by the way, know nothing about your Series / clubs but the principle is the same, you may find, whoever is running it at the moment is reluctant to give in but not coping very well!

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