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I understand Dave, but it would at least kick that off. And to be honest when i've discussed this with Mick and Andy, he's always said that he jumped in as caretaker as Csfta was dropped in the past like a brick (my words)

If you kick off the email then i'll do a bit of chasing this weekend, and hopefully we can get a meeting nailed down, all the boxes ticked, and stuff resolved.

I think most/all would welcome that.

Just some stuff to think of...

The committee itself would need insurance, and that I think runs at around 150-200 from EFTA experience. Then it's a case of caps for the team, which I think is about 150. And then there's trophies. So we've got 3.50 per shooter going to the region, x35 (say av attendance) x 6? rounds = roughly 700. So 3-400 for trophies.

So thinking caps on... the committee needs;


Committee (one rep from each club I presume?)

Aside it needs a webmaster for next year.

Are the HFT comps included?

(and why the BFTA, the EFTA, and each one of the 9 regions, needs separate insurance I don't know... That's around 2000 each year that comes from the shooters and goes out of the sport, just so we can make decisions... surely there's an umbrella policy... we're all members of the same organisations)
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