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Club insurance is for individual members and the club officers. If the club affiliates to NSRA the insurance would be straightforward. The club is required to have a constitution and changes to the constitution to be notified to NSRA (I don't think there has to be a web version). As a consequence, NSRA should be notified of all AGMs and NSRA has a right to send their representative to the AGM and that person would have an equal vote (this is determined by NSRA's setup). That right is seldom taken up in practice.

The region needs to have insurance primarily for its Officers (Chair, Sec., Treas.) and when it hosts a regional event. Again it is usual to affiliate with NSRA, insure via them and provide a constitution, etc.

BFTA is affiliated with NSRA and has insurance via their scheme.

As far as BFTA is concerned the Executive Members are the Regions. The Region Rep is the only voting member (plus NSRA rep since BFTA is affiliated with NSRA) but there is a proviso in the BFTA ByLaws "2.6 All Executive Bodies are required to prove insurance cover annually for themselves and hold proof their Member Clubs also have insurance.".

So no region insurance, could mean no vote at the BFTA AGMs.

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