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I'm sorry you've had it rough lately fella. I hope I don't offend as I've not got your probs but I've been rushed in twice with 'compacted bowel'. Bit of a bottle neck in the system just about at the right turn just below my ribcage. Oh the pain was hilarious. Anti spasm thingies and a few litres of Lactulose and I was firing again like a good 'un ... but that pain was a beauty.

Hopefully you'll get your meds sorted and be feeling better real soon.

Anyway ... whilst your in there getting sorted did you read my post on the BBS about those 'dimples' in the lever on the Rekord?

I've read a few posts about people stoning them out and you saying that you had a Rekord with the dents in from new.

I stumbled across a thread about the 2 hard pins at the top of the trigger blade being slammed into that lever making those dents when testing the trigger out of the gun, if you don't put something through a little hole in the top of the casing. So I wondered if those dents were made at the factory if they test the triggers out of the gun.

You probably know all that but I thought it may interest you as you are all things 77/97.

Have a read of this thread ... my post #7 ( I'm Bozzer ) ...

Keep going matey. All the best.


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