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Default Right let's put this to bed...

Wafta is run using the bfta main shoot rules... Simple..

I agree that it's hard to have no shoots for ages and then 3 in one week.. But that's the case so let's shoot and enjoy them..

Mike has officially explained the shoot is cancelled and due to the reasons given and the current weather situation I understand.

Brian, this is a hobby/sport and people put a lot of time into trying to run it as best as possible. I understand your frustration bud honestly, but the shoot dates were arranged and agreed by each club that was in attendance at the wafta meeting. Now at that time it must have been discussed to not put any shoot on in October and thus bunching it all up towards the end of the year.. This has caused this issue now..

Because of this it might be best to chat to who ever went from your club and ask why no dates were used in October as we haven't had anything competition wise to stop us having a shoot.

This thread doesn't help matters when it becomes quite personal and unstructured. I have been a member if wafta nearly 23 years and thoroughly enjoy shooting in the wafta region.. Maybe your right in that we need to look at things. If you feel you can do that, then I'm sure you could propose yourself for chairman etc and help change things.. The meetings are welcome to anyone who is part if the region to go along and voice their concerns or opinions..

I got a feeling I will be at the next one and I'll be speaking about some things myself...

Now let's drop this and move on.

Mark Bassett
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