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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
I went from a Bausch & Lomb 6-24x40 to the bushnell 8-32x and at first thought it was on par with the 6-24x but when I used the 6-24x. Again it was nowhere near as good at defining range at the 50 to 55 yard ranges as the 8-32x is. Not wanting to ' blow my own trumpet' but you don't become world champion twice, second twice and European champ using equipment that isn't up to the job.
I notice the 8-32 being a good bit better when my eyes are tired or my prescription lenses being several years old. I got a new pair of glasses and the 6-24 was very good, just not quite up to the 8-32 at 50+. About 12 years back a couple of shooters with the big 50X scopes were arguing over a distance, one was saying 50 and the other 49 yards. I looked through the 6-24 and told them 52 and they laughed. We pulled a tape measure and it was 52 yards 6 inches. It was just luck, but I didn't let them know.
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