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Smile Re-assessment

I have had a very useful day at Sywell today.
A light breeze, not windy (by Sywell standards) - left to right & swirly mostly, but primarily from behind.

I am becoming increasingly persuaded that pellet selection may not yet be the primary issue.
Me. My position and technique, are in all probability, more at fault than my choice of pellet.
Almost everyone is saying to me that JSB Exacts are the pellet I should be using.
So today - I have shot Domes, Fields & Exacts at target ranges varying from 12yds out to 52yds.
And I have to admit that the results don't either favour, nor incriminate one particular pellet.
Tony Cook made some important observations about my position and apparent lack of comfort, whilst shooting, at Far Coley on Sunday.
So I've noted his observations and will combine them with Conor's suggestions today, because until I have it as right as I'm capable of, I guess it's superfluous trying to research pellet suitability.

I've had some cracking shots at extreme ranges; and some shots best not talked about. Some due to wind.
But If I'm honest, I have to admit that I cannot say that any particular poor group of shots was due to any one particular brand or make of pellet.

However, not a poor days work.
Identifying what the problem most likely is, makes for the most efficient means of eradicating the problem.
I'm going to keep the pellet issue on the back burner - but continue to concentrate my effort on practice, position and technique.
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