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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
I have had a Mk3 FTR and a Mk 4 both .177 and found JSB Express 7.9grn gave excellent groups at 55 yards, but your mileage could vary, there is only one way to find out.
Now that is interesting - because I was led to believe that Express were heavier (10.3gr) than Exacts
The Exacts that I have are 8.44gr

Originally Posted by rich View Post
Have you tried Exact Express, the 7.9 grainers? They are the pellet of choice in most of my rifles.

The odd one out is the Daystate Airwolf and that really goes well with the JSB Exact heavy. They come in at 10.34 grains, mind, about the same weight as the Bisley Magnum, and their flight path drops off rather faster at longer ranges.

Not liking Exacts sounds like the rifle prefers a harder lead. Crosman Prems are pretty hard. Try here for good prices:
I'll have a look at these Rich. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I will bring you a selection of express and 8.44 pellets to millride.
To do some test's you will need an indoor facility,I would say that sywell is the last place on planet earth to shoot group's.
You could order 3 tin's from inter shoot 4.51,4.52 and 4.53 that would be a starting point.
Just make sure they have a couple of sleeves of each when ordering,once you have found your pellet buy a couple of sleeves.
Of all the pellets I have tried express seem the least fussy , but they come with their own issue's.

I have access to a 25yds indoor range at Sywell (SASC)
The problem is that at 25yds I can put pellet on pellet with virtually every brand I've tried.
Generally, the problem appears to be when the pellet is asked to be accurate at over 45yds.
Admittedly Sywell outdoor range is not the ideal venue.
But there, with Exacts at 30yds, I can have a vertical variation of anything up to 30mm within a group of 6-7 pellets. I expect a horizontal variation of up to 30mm, because of side winds. But I don't anticipate such an extreme vertical one.
With Superdomes or Super Fields at 30yds I get good consistent vertical groups. It is only at 40-47yds that these two pellets begin to lose consistency
I've tried the Daystate pellet. And that is not quite as good as the Domes or Fields.

I have just received a PM from a Sywell friend, who has invited me to a different Northants bench-rest club on Saturday - where he does all of his testing/setting-up.
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