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Default Best Pellets for Mk3

I've looked fairly extensively through the 'Search' on the subject and read quite a number of threads.

However, I haven't really found the sort of answers I'm looking for..

I do appreciate that different barrels will perform best with a particular pellet brand/batch ~ so I'm not seeking a definitive answer to my question. Merely some guidance based upon experience that I don't have myself.

Now that I'm beginning to get the gun/scope set up the way I have always wanted it to be, I'm beginning to look closely at the right pellet for my Mk3.
Up until now, and prior to the gun going back to Daystate, with a scope mounted which was totally unsuitable for purpose, I have found first Superdomes and then Super Fields to be the best of a bunch of pellets I tried.
However, it was not long before the light dawned upon my ignorance that, until I could actually consistently hit the target at all of the ranges used in FT, I was wasting my time trying to be selective about pellet choice.
Now that I have the equipment to do that, I need to start my search.
Superdomes are good, up to about 40 yds
Superfields are better, up to about 45-47yds
JSB Exacts, which many have recommended, go all over the place at 30-35yds, and sometimes at closer ranges too.
I've tried Bisley Magnums. Not brilliant

What I need is a pellet that I can have some confidence in which is going to go where I point the muzzle.
Then I can practice every day between the WL shoots.

Can people suggest other brands which I can purchase single tins of, which they consider to be a up to the job for 8 - 55yds FT please? I'm quite happy to buy a dozen different brands of reputable pellets, but at the moment I have no idea what may, or may not, be suitable.

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