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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Looking at some of the kneeling positions I think il be going back to the knee all the way across the bag.

It sounds as if you were happy your kneeler's were ok and you want to go back to wrong?
I have not seen the pic's ( I phone take's too long) the problem lie's with rule enforcement , too many people adopt the attitude that he,s getting away with it so I will join him.
Two wrong's do not make a right.
We normally have 2 Marshall,s that just swan about waiting for a shout.
Why not put kneeling lane's about 2/3 on the course and put Marshall's on them or request that you ask your buddy Marshall if he is happy with your position.
Just a thought on an endless debate.
I know I'm a 'newbie' and still learning.
So I asked Tony Cook to tell me if he saw me doing anything wrong or unsafe , on Sunday.
He didn't seem at all fazed by the request, nor did he look at all put out or puzzled by it.
I was confident that had he noticed me doing anything incorrectly, he would have happily said so.

In fact, after the shoot, Sue pointed out to me that she had noticed me not positioning my forearm support on my thigh correctly, on kneeling shots.
As I say - I'm a 'newbie'. but I'm grateful for advice.

Maybe someone who has been shooting for 30 years wouldn't be.
But I did get the impression that had I had the courage, temerity, and seen the need, to say something to Tony, he would have accepted it graciously; assuming that he acknowledged the validity of what I said, whether he liked it, or not.

So your suggestion Simon, seems a very reasonable one. IMO
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