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The last series started at Avon Hawks. There were some arguments because WAFTA had no rule allowing a shooter to elect up to a higher grade. An emergency meeting was held on the morning of the next shoot (Blaenau). The result of the meeting, as I recall, was that shooters could elect to go up a single grade and that all shooters must elect to go up by the third shoot of the series. This was a one series deal and that the next series would be shot with grades locked down. Notes were recorded at the meeting so perhaps these need to be dug out as my recollection may be slightly off.

Gary's right about the standers being over the combined distance, not a big problem but if WAFTA shoots are not to BFTA rules then what rules are there? The standing lane was flagged up before any shooters had shot it and the reply was "the course doesn't need to be to BFTA rules, it's WAFTA main rules today". If that is correct then where are the main rules for WAFTA?

It would be nice to know before the first shoot so people aren't arguing over grades again. Finally, if WAFTA are using their own rules can the scores be put into the BFTA rolling twenty?
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