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[QUOTE=5teve L;141053]I bought a falcon T-50 in the end & have had one outing with it so far, this was with rough sidewheel marks that I did in the morning & a chairgun click chart . I managed 14 ex 30 on a local HFT comp at the weekend, which I was pretty happy with considering the conditions (was a tad windy as well as the rough markings). Definitely missed a few through not enough clicks, some were wind.

I have a couple of questions though that some of you may be able to help with.

What is the best way to range find? both eyes open, or just one ?
Also do you concentrate on the ret or target when doing so ?
I'm trying to do accurate sidewheel markings at the moment, so any advice would be great.


Both eyes open gives you less eye strain and helps you get more relaxed on the scope, also helps you see more of whats going on at the target area.You dont allways need to range find on the target itself anything its connected to ie tree or other could be a better bet if the targets hard to get a sight on,see the scope yesterday steve and its markings on the sidewheel not sure if you had a pointer to the marks you had on the wheel.You could well end up with a new set of range markings if the scope shifts in the cold,scopes costing a lot more than yours have been backed because of temperature problems only time will tell with yours m8.You could allways meet me down the oaks and i will go round the course with you and help you if i can.chris
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