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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
From what I gather a few members who expressed opinions that someone did not agree with got banned, by doing this and other things said person(s) has/have destroyed the only HFT Team to beat M.A.D since March 08 pity really

Just to set the record straight the UKAHFT team from this year at Anston was splitting up before the forum thing happened it was just the final straw that made some of us move on before we intended.
I don't want to get into what went off as it will do nobody any good and may just cause ill feeling between the members that have decided to leave and those that remain and would just rather get on with what I'm doing quietly in order to be left alone to carry on enjoying my shooting.
As for the remaining round this year at Emley as in UKAHFT team ruling myself and Ryan have not set foot on Anston club ground or been participating members for a month and don't intend doing in this coming week even though we are fully paid up until next year, so as a result our scores cannot count in the team event.
I have asked Ryan C if he would mind collating the team scores at Emley and recieve the team medals at the gathering as I don't feel that I want a part of it anymore but at the same time wish to make it clear that I bare no malaise towards Anston or its members who are in general a cracking bunch of guys and who I'm sure that I will miss once the season has finished and we don't see as much of each other anymore.
Hey ho when the tide of change is strong you sometimes have to go against the flow or risk being washed out to sea


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