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Default Re the Trophy.

Originally Posted by saltydog View Post
Hi Gerard
I'm back on land in 10 days can get together with conor, andy and the lads and see if we can raise a couple of quid (there 's not many of us in ireland )

Regards Saul
Hi Saul, thanks for that .I realise that your association is very small but if we have loads of small donations that would soon crack the job.

My thoughts are that we dont want a solid silver trophy costing thousands of pounds , due to the costs of insurance sending it around the World but also I wouldnt want it in my home with the responsibility of its safe keeping and haveing to insure it.

I think that we should have a plan.
Plan A. Get some estimates for its refurbishment and Rob send them up the chain.
Plan B. The backup chip in fund.

With regard to the pic of the new springer trophy and your thoughts about it. It is a very fine looking trophy and looks well , but the Trophy we have at the moment is of the very best quality that you can get in silver plate ( it has a copper base) .
Thanks for your input, regards G.
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