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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I believe i had a look through your Viper before you did i quite like it especialy the reticle and would give it serious consideration if i was in the market for a new scope. But i have what i allready consider to be a very good scope the Night Force 2.5-10x24 so i dont have a need but for half the price of the NF it is a cracking scope.
Defo tench the nightforce is optically way better than the vortex,I hate looking through Greg's NF,as for the 36 MK4 doesn't work well in dull to shaded wood,proved that at Cambridge,but James if you like it more power to you,I just thought they were over priced because of its badge,NF would be a way better scope over a mk4...

Just an opinion mind....
Walther Lg400 Red/Nightforce nxs 2.5-10x24 mil compact/Mick Troman Reg mod/floated barrel/Rog stripper/Tec Hro carbon cheek piece/carbon fibre forend...

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