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Hi Lee, like you, I'm also new to the FT game (as is our lass). The lads at Emley have been fantastic with advice on not only shooting technique, but also gun & scope setup/maintenance etc.

As daft as it may sound, the advice on improving your core strength with Yoga and/or basic core exercises is actually quite sound. What you'll find however, particularly with the sitting position, is that it will take several weeks of daily practice for your body to get used to it. This is mainly because you are using certain muscles in a way that they are not used to.
Practice sitting for 5 minutes every half an hour to an hour at home whenever you can, with or without the rifle (maybe use a stick). It will be hard to hold the rifle comfortably until your whole body is comfortable in that sitting position.

Another piece of advice I would give, is spend some time shooting bench rest if you can. Me and Sarah have been shooting BR for a few months previously and what you will find is that this will help with your breathing/scoping/trigger technique. You are able to focus on these key shooting elements under a controlled condition without (at the same time) having to also concentrate on the sitting/holding technique that is associated with FT.

Now I'm going to say something real corny, but once you are comfortable with the position and your rifle, what I do when that scope is to me eye is try to zone myself completely in to the 'tunnel' that is the line of fire. I blank out everything else that is around or behind me and try to feel the shot, almost 'be the pellet'. It sounds crazy, but hey, I did a 20ex30 last weekend on only my 4th ever FT shoot so I was more than happy. In fact, were it not for a schoolboy scope error on the first lane, I'm confident it would have been a 22-23ex30.

If you ever need any lane partners up at Emley, just give me or Sarah a shout and we'd be happy to shoot a round with you.

@Mjolnir - You could do worse than seek advice from nemesis (Neil). He gave me 10 minutes of advice a couple of weeks ago up at Emley and my standing accuracy improved 200%. I actually managed to hit 3ex4 standers up at the Anston round last weekend! Again, it's all about practice. I now use my bi-weekly visit to the indoor BR range to practice standing shots at 10/20/25 yards.

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