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1st Session
Grego Hensman
Matt Furlong
Mark Jones
Dave Clements
Nick Yates
Paul Bolam
James Bolam (junior)
Chuckles McClunkclank
Frank McLunkclank
Ian Sheppard
Darrin Lynn
Ian Treadwell
Mick Goodenough
Ash Bailey
Tom Morgans
Pete Dutton
Ian Howarth
Simon Howarth
Simon Harrison
Brian Heaps
Gerry Baillon
Nigel Oram
Lee Johnson
Alex Dermietzel
Gary Chillingworth
Alex Larkin
Jean Greatrex
Geoff Ryder
Jamie Lewis
Neil Lewis
Gordon Burns
Nev Baguley
Perry Broad
Stevie Abbott
Dave benyon
Ralf Thompson
Steve Cartledge
Bert Tate
Mike Everson

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Kev Gaunt
Clive Evans
Andy Dickson
Dave Whiteside
Simon Minney
Mick Fern
Steve Macfarlane
Tony Male
Rob Mobley
Mick Mctighe
Nigel Smith
Kathy Thompson
Mark Thompson
Casey Hanby
Keith Warburton (.22 veterarian)
Steven Watson (veteran)
steve handby
Paul Brittain
John Rawnsley
Ray Ross
Matt Goodson
Liz Osman
Rick Ardern. RIP mate, never ever forgotten!

Currently in stock........

Steyr LG100 x2, Ripley AR5S x3, hw77 x2, hw80 x2, hw100, hw97, hw98, Walther Dommie, Walther LGV, Stoeger x20s .22, Daystate mk4 in a custom laminate stock, Diana mod 50 + Gamo compact & Röhm twinmaster pistols


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