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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
This might sound a little big headed but I reckon i've done as much as I can within HFT with the time I can allocate to it. One of the biggest overall feelings after winning the Worlds was that of " now what the hell do I do".

Prior to the Worlds I'd collected a decent array of trophies including IMO the hardest shoot going the Anglo American (you know the one Pete hasn't won...... sorry Pete, but you've got a decent comeback to that).
The World's in my opinion was the almost final "big" competition I was ever going to win as my time is taken elsewhere now and to be honest I can't think of any shoots I could do well in now as there are some fecking awesome shots out there now! To be honest I don't have the hunger for it any more, well definetley not like I used to.

But going back to goal setting IMO it one of the best ways of improving your shooting, I used to just aim to be beat my last score etc. One of my favourite achievements was getting my first NEFTA phoenix and I'll be honest I worked hard for that bugger
K you have not won the UK Championship yet sunshine, there are probably 15 or even 20 guys that can pull it out of the bag over two days but you know that is halved/ probably quartered when it comes to being UK Champ Hope you come back but you will probably be shooting against my lad by then and he will kick your arse
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