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Originally Posted by rich View Post
The one I am shooting is basically with me on trial, second or third hand, on sale or return...

It's been modified and is lighter at the front end than the standard rifle. In terms of handling and convenience, well I don't like the clunkiness of the cocking system, (after the EV2 for nine years) but accuracy is beyond doubt, and I find it a much better rig than the EV2 for standing shots.

So there may be an EV2 mark 1 in left hand coming up for sale very soon.
The cocking is a bit agricultural next to a lot of other guns Rich, but you don't find it a problem after just a few minutes.
My wife is using mine at the minute and loves it, says it's easy to use and she likes the fact that it has loads of shots per charge.
All in all, they are amazing guns and VERY accurate indeed.
A quick tip:
Don't leave it sitting with the slide closed. Leave it open and it is much smoother from the start of the next use.

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