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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
So after the last round at Quarry we now know who is in the Gathering ... after a little look through I notice that there is a .22 in there ?? Now I am sure he got in on a Wild card So after a little chat with WTFIB he tells me that although he is the only .22 he goes on to say " I will not come last " I know, I was surprised as well. So tell me all, where do you think he will come ?? Do you think he will come last ? Where will he end up ... mid pack or what ??

Your thoughts ????

Sorry Roger but both Barry & yourself qualified for the Gathering on Merit, in fact Barry beat you on countback so you were very very lucky to get in

if you add your 6 rounds together (3x.22" + 3xOpen) you total 446.64 which would have got you 8th in the .22" class....Barry finished on 511.05 with his .22". Over the 6 rounds that means he averaged 6 targets per round more than you.

So the question is can you beat Barry at the Gathering ???? or in other words how many targets will Barry beat you by ????
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