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Judging by the number of people who shoot FT-originated rifles in HFT I'd have thought the specs of the "ideal" (given it's so subjective) are almost identical, barring the hook part of the butt, and a desire to mount scopes much higher on FT rifles than HFT ones. Yes people would probably set their rifles up differently in terms of cheek piece, butt pad position etc and maybe balance and trigger weight too, but the base rifle would be the same.

...and it would be a Steyr LG100 with barley barrel

Originally Posted by Tye View Post
I also know most of you are competitors and may not want to let your personal adaptations public. I wouldn't either and wouldn't expect anyone to do so. Just basic research.
Seriously? I shoot way more FT than HFT but I've never met anyone who wasn't willing to talk at length about why their rig is set up that way and who made the custom bits and what his contact details are.
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